by Nomadic




released 04 June 2014

Recorded by James Lewis at Forerunner Recordings.



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Nomadic Tampa, Florida

Technical metal at its finest.

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Track Name: Extenuate II: Alleviate
Can't remain the same
When there's far too much pain
And the past is to blame
It drives you insane
To the higher element
False sense of shame
It's time to let go

Healing what these scars may have left
Always hoping for a better tomorrow

Help me see
Guide me away from the past
I told you once and I'll say it again
There is no turning back

There is no turning back
No looking at the past
Strengthen what you lack
And get back on track

We can't see past these blinders
Grief haunts our minds
Holding on to my last breath
I'll scream it loud with my last breath
Track Name: Pestilence
You turned this world
Into a home for lust and deceit
Once meant for harmony, you mangled it
Now a breeding ground for pestilence and low self worth
I will break myself from you
And lose my pity, for there is none for a coward
the likes of which you have become
I will spit in your face and stomp out the flame
Do not doubt my power, your life is fictitious
You worthless idol
You false prophet, you tempt us to fall
I will bury you in the sands of malice and lust
I will break you down, and tell the lies
Behead you, like a traitor to his king;
Your foothold is gone.
You will never survive.
And when you are gone, I'll place your horns on the mantle.
Welcome to the end. Behold, the end.